Looking back at 2009….

Here’s a short photo montage of our activities in 2009! =)

Big Kahuna’s Birthday with alumni

Valerian’s send-off at Changi Airport

We are a bit shy here after singing Chris’ Irish Blessing

Stephane’s on the way home to Gabon after his 2nd visit to Singapore

We hope to see you soon dude!

Valerian’s farewell dinner @ Clara’s

Attempted dunking into the swimming pool = Epic fail

GII Olympics @ East Coast Park

Limbo rockers Winnie and Jeremy

GII Olympics

Japanese Party @ the Leongs’

Early birds for Japanese food

Holy Hour for Priests, Aug 2009 ~ To Follow You

The Altos pay a visit to Haw Par Villa, and are petrified!

East District Youth Rally @ CHIJ Katong Pri

The Genesian wakeboarder

26th Anniversary





Karaoke @ Teo Heng ~ S$7 per hour!

Caroling practice


The GII League of Extraordinary Bowlers

GII Camp Slinky Bullies

We are always ready for photos – midnight mass

Countdown to 2010 @ Clara’s



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