Easter Egg Hunt 2010

What exactly makes an Easter egg hunt?

Simply put an activity where decorated eggs are hidden and the main aim is to go and find them. At the end of the activity, some give out prizes for various achievements, namely, most number of eggs collected, largest egg collected etc etc.

Yet, as always, we do it differently! During the season of Lent we were all allocated prayer buddies.


Reasons aplenty, like for us to get to know another person from the choir better or even to inculcate the habit of praying for each and everyone in this choral family that we are part of. That said, now that we are into the Easter season, it was time to reveal the respective prayer buddies. It was heartening to hear stories of how some buddies went out of their way to deliver notes to the doorsteps of their buddies in secrecy, while others borrowed handphones to send out mysterious messages. Meanwhile, there were others who simply used this as an opportunity to get to know someone better and include them in their prayers!

The sweltering sun (the result of Sandrine’s fervent prayers), the colourful picnic mats, the assortment of sunglasses and caps would have greeted the general public if they had visited the small grass area next to VJC. After some Macdonald’s and sneeky hiding by Sandrine herself, the hunt was on! Buddies had to comb the East Coast park for decorated eggs that had their names written on them!

Must have been tiring considering how Noel embarked on his search, returned back empty handed, took his Macdonald’s with him and resumed his search.

It might have taken some time, but eventually, the eggs were found and the proud hunters returned back to the starting point. Clara came back looking as though she ripped off a dinosaur nest. Sitting in a circle, one by one, everyone revealed their prayer buddies. Some had known beforehand, while others didn’t even know who their prayer buddy was! Laughter, surprises, the occasional lost look… not to mention that everyone mentioned Shannon at the sight of any ‘feminine’ looking egg. =P

What followed was a series of nua-ing, Silky watching, ant killing, a game of frisbee and the constant ducking from crashing kites. The sun was slowly beginning to fade away and signal the end of the weekend. Yet, dusk was greeted by the faces of tired yet happy individuals.

The Easter egg hunt for this year may be over, but let us continue to show our care and concern for each other. From the simple act of getting to know someone better, praying for someone or the pleasant surprises that many have sprung on their buddies… it is through these simple things that we would bond as a choir and develop into a cohesive musical family! (:

Special thanks to Sandrine Yap for singlehandedly organising the Easter Egg Hunt 2010!


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