Lux Aurumque – by the Holy Drummer

warm and heavy as pure gold
and angels sing softly
to the new-born babe”

This beautiful, simple and elegant poem by Edward Esch was the inspiration behind “Lux Aurumque” – which means “Light & Gold” – composed by whom I consider to be the best choral geniuses of our time and beyond, Eric Whitacre.

“I imagined the Star shining its bright light right through into the manger as The choir of angels welcomed the birth of the new born babe.
I saw the
zooming light focus its spot on the ever
Radiant face of the Baby Jesus…”

That’s exactly how I felt the composition was being painted & portrayed in my mind when I first sang Lux Aurumque during my short tenure in MJchoir way back in 2005. And that’s exactly the experience I wish to share & relive with the choir this Christmas 2010 =)

How do I sum up this choral masterpiece?

A-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y. Divine.


Can you picture this during Christmas Midnight Mass? Here, the Westminster Cathedral choir (an all male chorus) sang this during Communion.
Receiving Christ our Light…

If you’re not already impressed with Whitacre’s musical magic –
“Why Genius, I hear you ask?”

Eric Whitacre has gone one step further & created history by picking Lux Aurumque as the premiere to form the world’s first ever Virtual Choir!

Amazing isn’t it! Literally groundbreaking territory. It’s on its way to become a viral sensation on YouTube.

Thanks to modern technology advances, the first international virtual choir featuring voices from 12 countries (psst…can you spot the lucky Singaporean?) has paved the way for a completely evolutionary method of making Music to be thus born.

Imagine what are the possibilities that can be achieved henceforth? Endless!

This, is the future of Music.

On a personal note, for me it is really exciting! Because I (and probably a few million others) really can’t wait to sing “under” him, albeit virtual reality. Follow his Virtual Choir fanpage here

As you listen to Lux, may I invite you to close your eyes & then reflect on the immense beauty of the lyrics of Lux.

“Be transported to 2000 over years ago, back to the night sky of Bethlehem where the Star shines brightly over the humble manger and join in to become part of the Heavenly hosts, offering their divine voices to herald the birth of Christ…”

P.S. The original poem was composed in English.
It was translated to Latin by Charles Anthony Silvestri.

Calida gravisque pura velut aurum
Et canunt angeli molliter
Modo natum”


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