The Pentecost Triduum – Melvin shares on the first 2 days!

Hi Everyone…..

I only attended 2 days of the Pentecost Triduum……so thought I’d share with you on SOME excerpts of the awesome and inspiring reflections and sharings by Fr Peter and Fr Simon. The impact and dynamism got kinda diluted in the the ‘transposition’ into words and what can be remembered….. but I believe that the Holy Spirit will make it all clear to you….wink ; P

It is time that we spend time to reflect on our faith….our calling and our purpose to be in ministry.

Through our actions and support of each other….we will be able to increase our fellowship and our passion for being in ministry. We cant be in ministry alone, we need each other and we need to be united with one another. So lets work towards a more vibrant music ministry where we are empowered and filled with the Holy Spirit….so that we can guide and welcome new members into our community with sincere open heart and mind. Without prejudgement and formation of cliques.

The Readings and Gospel in the next 2 weeks also speaks about being united and working as One ……… Trinity Sunday and Corpus Christi.





Praying, attend masses daily…working in the church does not mean that you are ‘WORSHIPING’ God …. You worship God when you allow the Holy Spirit to work thru you and are manifested in the way you act and speak to others.

Fr Peter challenged and asked How to worship God if you are full of Pride….Anger….Frustrations….. Always criticising and always judging others. How to worship if we cant forgive each other? How to worship God when we find it easier to put each other down?

We must be willing to take up the Cross of Christ…. to worship God.

How to Worship God when we cant even support our priests? We are usually the first the condemn them for their mistakes…we are the first to talk bad about priests, especially when they do not meet with ‘our’ approval or are unfriendly with us. We must realise that Priests are also human…BUT we must remember that they are the ‘representative’ of Christ on earth. When priests celebrate mass they are “configured” (conform in the figure of Christ) to celebrate the Eucharist. So how can we say that mass is boring or not inspiring because of a certain priest, when Christ is actually in front of us??

Your Attitude, Character and Behavior is the way you show others how you worship God

God did not call the Holy and the Learned…. He called the sinners to worship Him…a fisherman…a man who denied Jesus. But we must be willing to CHANGE our selfish & arrogant ways…if you want to worship God. Not everyone is perfect…that is why we need the Holy Spirit to help us change.

To worship God is to SHARE our lives & SHOW others how God is alive in our life.

To worship God in Spirit & truth.

To worship God is to see and recognise Christ in others…. how we encourage others…support others…give to others…. serve others…how we defend our faith and others who are not able to defend themselves.

You worship God when you LOVE …. Because God is Love.


The Holy Spirit is real and is amongst us right now. It is often forgotten just because we often take it forgranted or do want to utilise it. We are not aware that the Holy Spirit is working in us right now. In a kind word…in a helping hand to others.

There is no limit to what the power of the Holy Spirit can do for you. The Holy Spirit binds us together with Jesus and His Community.

So what does it mean to be connected to the Holy Spirit and have that sense of unity?
The early apostles were united…they prayed, stayed together and shared with each other. This is the first form of our small Christian community. And it is within this small community that the Holy Spirit came down upon and empowered them. They were one in heart and mind. And because of what they did and said…MORE were added and the early Christian grew in numbers. The Holy Spirit is ALIVE and is working all around us. As in earlier times, there are still miracles and wonders being done by the Holy Spirit.

Our mission is to reach other to the poor and abandoned. Who are the poor and the abandoned around us?? And we need the Holy Spirit to recognise these people…and we need to Holy Spirit to help us discern and give us the strength to reach out to them.

Fr Simon shared that Jesus also spoke about being united and being One. “Father just as you and I are one…. May they be one with each other, and my father and I and the Holy Spirit will come down and make our home in their heart”

In the parable of the Prodigal Son…. It was to reach out to your brother…it is a parable also about repentance and acceptance…but it is also about reaching out too.

Fr Simon went on to say that The Holy Spirit is running around the Catholic church wearing a T-Shirt, with the words printed….”I am unemployed”

The World needs the Catholic Church NOW. And there is no better time than now to unite our Catholics …. But we must work with the Holy Spirit to make it a realisation. As a community we need to connect with the divine…we need to pray together for the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

Fr Simon shared about a ‘broken Singapore’ and how we need to act:

Singapore – Broken Marriages : 7000 cases a yr
– Suicides : 400 cases a yr
– HIV : 400 cases a yr
– Abortion : 10,000 cases a yr
– Depression/Counseling : 100,000 cases a yr

Why is only when we are faced with a tragedy or a disaster that we seem to come together to show support, affirmation and encouragement?

It is the Holy Spirit that puts aside our differences and prejudices with each other and makes us open up to one another. To unite strangers to overcome a crises. So it is that same Holy Spirit that we should tap upon to bring us together in our celebrations and rejoicing with each other too.

The Holy Spirit gives us all gifts for the different roles to play…. but we are all parts of the same body with Christ as the Head,

We become disunited when we put each other down…when we judge others and cause others to feel inferior.

Why is it so difficult to lift each other up…to encourage, affirm and support each other??

When we pray together as one…. the Holy Spirit moves amongst us…. but we need to tap upon the power of the Holy Spirit…. we must not be afraid to claim it as our own and to use to work within our group. To unite our groups and ministries. And as the Holy Spirit comes down upon us…. there will be transformation and many opportunities….and miracles that will continue to happen in our lives.


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