Genesis II Recruitment 2010 – Belong

We are a choir of youths and adults raring to serve God through our love of music and joy of singing together.  Having this common purpose and common faith gives us a strong sense of belonging, in the worldwide Catholic Church, our parish of the Holy Family, and in our choir ministry. We would love for many others to come and experience the Christ-filled friendships and the humility in service of our ministry.

We warmly invite anyone who would like to join our musical family. Singers, musicians (organists, pianists, other instruments), conductors, animators etc. All are welcome and invited to join in making a joyful noise unto the Lord!

All newbies are also invited to our 27th anniversary celebration on 05 Nov 2010, Friday (a public holiday), as past and present, alumni and family mingle in a yearly reunion.

Email us at for more details; or simply pop by after mass to speak to us.

And finally, a teaser for the rest of the year: we will be preparing intensely for advent, christmas (concert and midnight mass), and caroling.

Come, make a life-changing decision, and join us!

God bless!


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