High Tea with Beneficiaries of our parish’s Society of St Vincent de Paul

by Genesis II Choir on Tuesday, 31 May 2011 at 02:57

Sunday 29 May 2011 afternoon would probably the first time many of us had the opportunity to serve and interact with some of the poorer or less privileged families living in and around East Coast and Marine Parade.

Our task: simply to serve food to our eager guests, who were all seated at their tables. These guests were from a variety of ages, ethnic groups, family backgrounds. There was the lone mother with her 2 young children; the elderly and chirpy lady who politely asked for more siew mai instead of char siew pau; the busy father, seated with his wife and children, appearing very busy on his blue tooth set; the people who had to take a smoke break; the quiet scoliotic lady sitting in a corner.

Our guides: the Holy Spirit, and of course, the wonderful members of Holy Family’s St Vincent de Paul Society – a very gregarious horde of volunteers who appeared to attend to every need of each person with clockwork efficiency and giving that right dose of personalised care and concern: “auntie xxx, ho bo! where is your son today? how have you been?”; “how is your daughter doing in school? i have some textbooks for her”

It is a simple event like this that truly puts our own work and ministry in perspective. In our very own “kampung”, our own backyard, there are people in need – economically, spiritually, socially, physically… Can we live each day (in our homes, our schools, our workplace) with some thought and some action that can work toward building a small part of God’s kingdom here in our parish? Can we sing with such conviction as to inspire fellow Christian Catholics to move out of their comfort zone, to be Jesus to our fellow humans in need?

Thanks again to those Genesians who made time: Shannon, Adrian, Dawn, Sandrine, Amanda, Annabel, Sylvester, Daphne, Bryan, Eunice.

And those who couldn’t make it but expressed interest: Joanne, Shaun, Melvin, Marissa, Marilyn, Elizabeth

We hope to make this something more long term.


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