The Revised English Mass Settings

Hi there GII, last saturday we began our journey of learning the English and Latin chant for the revised mass settings.

Here’s a very useful resource that has the correct pronunciation with the tune and lyrics all in one video [I will put the Lord’s Prayer, Pater Noster] first:

Please take a listen through and begin to learn!

Every Catholic in Singapore will be issued a missal that contains all the changes and tunes, you may also access a pdf version of the mass settings here –


Do take note that there can be various forms for e.g. the penitential act, gloria intonations (for various occasions), the credo, eucharistic prayer, concluding rites, dismissal – we are encouraged to begin to learn and know all of them as a base… so that wherever we go in Singapore and in English speaking countries – the tune and response is one and the same. These settings do not exclude the possibility of new or other tunes, but are a basic requirement for all Catholics – treat it like our ABCs, a basic building block of our Catholic liturgy.


Here are more videos for us to listen to and learn from, the list is not exhaustive, but a good place for all of us to start from [you will find some of the tunes already very familiar]:


Penitential Act – there are many versions for us to work on – will update you all

Kyrie (Greek):

Gloria (intonations for priest for various occasions): and full gloria (English):

The Liturgy of the Word (Responses):

Credo (The Creed English): or

Liturgy of the Eucharist (Orate Fratres):

Liturgy of the Eucharist (Preface Dialogue):

Sanctus (English):

Sanctus (Latin):

Memorial acclamation:

Doxology and Great Amen:

Pater Noster (English and Latin):

Sign of Peace:

Agnus Dei (English and Latin):

Concluding Rites (various forms):

Dismissal (various forms):

Here are websites with guidelines for proper Latin pronunciation:

I am trying to purchase this DVD –

Through which we can watch and better appreciate the mass together


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