4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Lord, our Teacher

Entrance antiphon: Save us, Lord our God, and gather us together from the nations, that we may proclaim your holy name and glory in your praise

Entrance: Gather the people

1st reading – Deut 18:15-20

I will raise up a prophet and I will put my words into his mouth

Responsorial psalm –  Ps 134

O that today you would listen to his voice! Harden not your hearts.

2nd reading – 1 Cor 7:32-35

An unmarried woman can devote herself to the Lord’s affairs, all she need worry about is being holy

Gospel acclamation – Blessed are you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for revealing the mysteries of the kingdom to mere children

Gospel – Mark 1:21-28

He taught them with authority

Offertory: Your words are spirit and life

Communion antiphon: Happy are the poor in spirit; the kingdom of heaven is theirs! Happy are the lowly; they shall inherit the land.

Communion: Be not afraid

Thanksgiving: How great thou art

Recessional: We are called

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