Lent 2012

Hi there GII!

Thank you for your rapt attention and questions on Sat night, as we had an introduction to Lent. Throughout the next few weeks, in addition to studying about the mass and reflecting on each Sunday of Lent, we will also go slightly deeper into some of the key elements of Lent – the pillars, Palm Sunday, the Easter Triduum…

With Ash Wednesday this coming week, we begin our Lenten journey, marking our foreheads with ashes as a reminder to die to sin and to follow the Lord wholeheartedly

For a start, let us start with the basics,

The Code of Canon Law states that Fridays throughout the year and in the time of Lent are penitential days for the entire Church.  Although fasting usually refers to any practice of restricting food, there is a distinction, in the Church, between fast (limiting food to one full meal a day, with two smaller meals allowed) and abstinence (abstaining from eating  meat.) Abstinence from meat on Fridays as the universal form of penance on all Fridays is no longer mandatory. We may choose another way of observing the Church’s requirement for acts of penance on Fridays, but we are not to  neglect it, either.  Both fast and abstinence are required on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

Let us try to attend, as a community, the Friday Stations of the Cross and Mass especially – on a weekly basis.
After each week of our Lenten journey, where we try letting go of sinful behaviourseeking conversionpracticing penance,listening to and following the teachings of Jesus, and practicing Prayer, Almsgiving and Fasting each Friday, how pertinent it would be for us to come together, pray the Stations, celebrate mass and break fast together!
We will also try to plan additional practices for Lenten/Easter vigil (if needed) on Fridays.

For this immediate week, hope to see you all on:

21 Feb Tue – Parish Lenten Reflection at 8pm (RSVP here! – http://www.facebook.com/events/215146858583093) – We cover the First Sunday of Lent
22 Feb Wed – Ash Wednesday Mass 7.30pm
24 Feb Fri – 6.30pm Stations of the Cross & 7pm Mass (GII singing)
25 Feb Sat – 1st Sunday of Lent
– hymns: Beyond the days, Endless is your love, On eagle’s wings, Take up your cross [all found in dropbox or your personal breaking bread hymnals]
– after mass – Introduction to the Mass (In spirit and in truth, 1 hour), Practice (1 hour)

The rest of the hymns for the Sundays of Lent can be found here – https://genesis2choir.wordpress.com/music-2012/2012-2-lent-year-b/

& Holy Week – https://genesis2choir.wordpress.com/music-2012/2012-3-holy-week-year-b/

Sections please take note to revise: Be thou my vision, In your presence, I know that my redeemer lives, Hosanna to the Son of David, At the name of Jesus, Now we remain, Were you there. [scores are already in our dropbox folder]

Last but not least, Lenten Vigil 2012

– Holy Thursday, 05 Apr 2012, where we will be facilitating from 10 to 11pm in church

The songs are:

Opening your heart to God
– A Quiet Time
[Psalm 139 – Lord you have searched me and you know me]
– O God you search me
– Before I was born
– Lord you have come
– Lord Jesus Christ [your light shines within us]
– Bless the Lord

Come to me all who are overburdened
– Stand by me
– He will carry you

Jesus saves us by his sacrifice
– Ours were the griefs he bore

Spending time with Jesus, praying with him, meditating with him and on God
– Christ is praying all alone
– Adoremus te O Christe
– God is forgiveness
– In the Lord I’ll be ever thankful
– Wait for the Lord
– Holy darkness
– Stay with me

Go to: https://genesis2choir.wordpress.com/lenten-vigil-2012/ for videos of the some of the hymns!


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