Lenten Checkpoint #1

Hi there GII,

We are into the week of the 2nd Sunday of Lent – how has your Lenten journey been?
Have you been able to observe the 3 pillars of Lent – prayer, almsgiving and abstinence? Or, as Fr Pat shared an acronym on Ash Wednesday – Abstinence, Sacrifice and Holiness?

Our Role as Catholics

There are ample opportunities for you to enrich your lenten observance. Join us for some of the following events this week:
1. GII Rosary Prayer Ring
– pray 2 decades (or more) every day at your own set time
– we post and pray for intentions on the page [mentioned in my email]

2. Stations of the Cross @ St Joseph’s Church, Bukit Timah, 09 March 2012, Friday, 8pm
– join us for this open-air, larger-than-life Stations

3. Charities Week Donation envelopes
– do pledge a sum of your choice and make a difference in the many charities support by our Church

4. Tithe your time & talent!
– which all of you continue to do, with unconditional love, every Saturday evening, to sing for mass!
– this Sat, we continue with our Lenten Reflection after mass, so do bring your booklets!

5. Friday fast and abstinence
– Fast: limiting food to one full meal a day, with two smaller meals allowed
– Abstinence: traditionally from meat – you can also choose to abstain from something you enjoy doing or enjoy eating/drinking

Our Role as Choir

As we take stock of our lives and relationships with others/God, let us also take this opportunity to take stock of our mission as choir, our liturgical function at mass.
Let us remember that whatever we do, sing, say at mass – we do to encourage and ensure the conscious, full and active participation of the congregation/assembly.
For Lent, while we use less of the musical instruments, let us then ensure that our singing is full and clear, and serves to bring each and every member of the assembly to participate in the rites of mass.

I propose each and every Genesian take some time to:
1. look at the lyrics/words of our mass propers/ordinaries for Lent
2. and then listen to a recording – mp3/video of each mass part – picking out how the words are emphasized and expressed
3. and then practice on your own
4. and also, do not forget the other parts of mass that we should be reciting/responding with conviction and gusto – “And with your spirit”, “Thanks be to God”, “Amen”…

Kyrie: Lord, have mercy; Christ, have mercy; Lord, have mercy – http://vimeo.com/16565754
Gospel acclamation: Glory to the Lord, Amen (x2)
Sanctus: Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of hosts…. – http://vimeo.com/16567836
Memorial acclamation: We proclaim your death O Lord… – http://vimeo.com/16567842
Pater Noster: Our Father…. [Celtic Mass]
Agnus Dei: Lamb of God…. [Mass from Age to Age – youtube video here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXFnNDiXMR8 – skip to Agnus Dei ]
***Please take note that for Lent – we will sing the Agnus Dei in melody only, especially with the changes to the words; and our role to guide and lead the congregation [ SLs – please ensure no parts are sung, we need the full strength of the choir in melody!]

For this coming Sat, we will be singing Chris’ In Your Presence – please also take some time to read the lyrics [score found in dropbox]
– and listen to the mp3 – to get a feel of how the words and music are expressed.

Other key dates for GII:
1. Parish Assembly 11 Mar Sun – more Genesians are encouraged to attend!
2. Youth Lenten Vigil @ Holy Family 16 Mar Fri, 8pm – let’s support them!
3. GII alumni’s Wedding Mass on 17 Mar Sat, 1.30pm – more singers needed!
4. Easter Vigil Combined Choir Practice on 18 Mar, 1.30pm – all Genesians to attend!

God bless


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