Easter Triduum 1st Combined Choir Practice

We had our first combined choir practice for Holy Week/Easter Vigil on 18 March Sunday, from 2.30 to 4.30pm in church. In attendance were also singers from the Sunday choirs.

24 Genesians were present – a good number, keep it up everyone! and let’s get more of our fellow Genesians down for practices on 25 March and 01 April.

Genesians present: Annabel, Amanda, Andrea, Clara, Dawn, Vanessa, Adeline, Daphne, Eunice, Joanna, Sandrine, Priscilla, Veronica, Bryan, Paul, Melvin, Gerald, Greg, Ryan, Adrian, Kenneth, Darren, Chris Raj, James.

The hymns practiced were mainly those for the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday, and mass propers.

Mass settingsĀ covered: Gloria, Agnus Dei, Kyrie, the Lord’s Prayer

Hymns: The eyes and hands of Christ, Glory in the Cross, As I have done for you, These alone are enough, One love released, We are one, Go out to the world, Out of darkness


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