Yuki shares about her Awaken Retreat in Dec 2012.

Prior to AWAKEN (Dec 2012), I was having a very hard time in school and out of school. Spiritually, I was very dry – I barely prayed or went to church, even on weekends. However, this was set to change when I signed up for AWAKEN camp with a schoolmate of mine after much encouragement from a friend who was in the Amplify ministry.


At AWAKEN, I was initially very shocked at how all the youths at Amplify were so open about praising God, especially during praise & worship sessions. It was nothing like my confirmation camp/retreat. Over this camp, His Grace William Goh spoke much about issues that were very relevant us youths. To be honest, I think I’ve learnt more about God in the camp than I’ve ever done the past 10 years of Catechism class (I only blame myself not listening during Cat class, whoops!). We had many group sharing sessions, which I personally enjoyed very much. I initially had hesitations about opening up to share what I’d felt about the sessions, especially because I knew nobody in my group. However, it helped that my facilitators were very encouraging and they really listened to what each and every one of us had to say. God really spoke through them in making us find our way back to God again. My group members and I also grew closer over the 4 days and we became very open to share with each other what we have experienced. And by God’s Grace, He healed so many wounds that I had previously and let me experience His love so strongly. I really thank Him for giving me this opportunity to attend this camp!

Life after camp has been simply wonderful. Even though school is still stressing, knowing that God is walking with me through my final year at SOTA, I feel so much more confident that everything will be alright. Same goes to the other aspects of my life – family, friends and more. He is with me through ALL my struggles, my joys. And now, I’m attending church more often (and going back to serving God at GII choir), praying more, fasting, and reading daily Scriptures. The camp has truly changed my life and I do encourage all youths to attend this camp to find your way back to God and experience His love for you!
(Even if you are afraid of being alone there, don’t fear, because you’ll meet new friends no matter what. We’re all brothers and sisters in Christ after all!)


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