Worrying is practical atheism – by Yuki

Hi there everyone!

“Worrying is practical atheism”

Shocked? That was what I’d felt when I first heard that line. I never realized but, it is. Being worried and having anxieties in life (constantly especially) IS practical atheism. It actually means that we don’t believe and trust in God that He will care for us.

After my experience at AWAKEN, I’ve have continued going for Amplify sessions every Friday. A couple of months ago, we had a session conducted by the Amplify Youth Director, Leonard Koh, about anxieties and worrying in life. As a person who constantly worries, that session had a great impact on the way I’d been approaching life and I’d thought it would be good to share with everyone too.

When we are faced with a problem, reading and reflecting upon God’s Word is one of the best things we can do. So during the session, we looked specifically at Matthew 6: 24-34.

So here goes:

6 Reasons Why You Don’t Need to be Worried

1.    Life is more than food & clothing

24: This is why I tell you not to be worried about food and drink for yourself, or about clothes for your body. Is not life more important than food, and is not the body more important than clothes?

In this section, we are reminded that life is more than just food and clothing. Whenever we don’t have good food, nice clothes, we lose some form of pleasure and some human praise along the way too. But when we start to become overly concerned about these things, we’re overlooking the bigger things in life. We lose our perspective of life. Life is more than prolonging our life here on earth. But rather, it is about living in eternity with our God.

2.    I will take care of you

 26: Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow, they do not harvest and do not store food in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not less worth than they are?

Birds are creatures that act as though there is enough food for themselves, they “do not sow, they do not harvest” but they know that God will enable the birds to find their own food. They know God will care for them, just like how a father would care for their children. Our Heavenly Father will be our Heavenly Father tomorrow. He will not abandon us, just as Isaiah 43:4 reminds us that we are all precious in His eyes. He loves us and will take of us tomorrow. So yes, if He can love birds that much, He can and will love us that much and more.

3.    Anxieties + worries = won’t get you anywhere

27: Can any of you add a day to your life by worrying about it?

When we worry, can we add one more hour to the day? Nope! Nothing can be achieved when one is worried. It’s just makes us even more miserable. So don’t give in to being worried. Instead, meditate on the Word of God because faith builds up from there!

 4.    God desires to adorn

28-30: Why are you so worried about your clothes? Look at how the flowers in the fields grow. They do not toil or spin. But I tell you that even Solomon in all his wealth was clothed like one of these. If God so clothes the grass in the field, which blooms today and is to be burned tomorrow in an over, how much more will he clothe you? What little faith you have! 

He calls us to look at the flowers in the fields. With the creation of flowers, we see that He wants to make things beautiful. He will bother to make things that don’t last beautiful. How much more will he ensure that he will clothe his children then? Have faith!

 5.    He will work for your good, for He cares for you

31-32: Do not worry and say: What are we going to eat? What are you going to drink? Or: What shall we wear? The pagans busy themselves with such things; but your heavenly Father knows that you need them all.

The Lord knows that we need all earthly things to survive. It is the pagans that run after these things and get stressed over these materialistic things. If we are stressed about those things, then we are at the same level of the pagans. So in a way, it’s like saying that you don’t trust God or that he doesn’t love you and care for you on earth. This again emphasizes about how anxiety is practical atheism. He knows what is going on with you. He knows the grades you are getting, He knows how work is going for you. It’s all in His plan. So trust God that He will work for your good, for He cares for you.

6.    When you stop worrying, God does the worrying for you! 

33-34: Set your heart first on the kingdom and justice of God, and all these things will also be given to you. Do not worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.   

When you stop worrying, God does the worrying for you! He will stay up for you. He will take care of all of it.  For each day, God has allocated us a certain amount of problems/sufferings that are meant to shape our character, form us, purify us, sanctify us to become better people and make us holy. He also gives us the grace to overcome all these problems.

When you worry about tomorrow, you are bringing tomorrow’s problems to today. For instance, God gives us 5 times worth of trouble and 5 times worth of grace to overcome it for each day. But add another 5 times worth of tomorrow’s trouble = 10 times of trouble + 5 times worth of grace. We don’t have enough grace to overcome that amount of trouble!

So trust in Him to do the works for you! He will take care of you. He wants you to have an anxious free life!



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