A Day’s Delight at IMH

Leena Christi pens a poem for the IMH Outreach that happened on 23 Aug 2015.

A Day’s Delight at IMH

Success is all we look
To rise to the top
Imagine if all this shook
And came to a tumbling stop

Wasn’t I curious to see them ?
To catch a glimpse of their sight
My spirits at its helm
Indeed a delight.

In anticipation they walk in,
For a day filled with celebration
With their hands & legs shakin,
To the Nation’s 50th Jubilation.

Oh ! What an unspeakable joy ?
To see their singing, dancing & laughter
As I stuck the flags, twas a sight to enjoy
Like, it would never end ever after

Some wanted more of the fun
Never seemed tired to sing
To the mikes, they run
Turning deaf to the bells that ring

Wish I could hear what they told
In an attempt to break their solitude
Their glimmering eyes filled with stories untold
Beyond me, to measure their magnitude

Why me Lord ?
Asking themselves, at one time
Away from my family & friends, God
Is there a way for the bells to chime ?

I know not what to do, the family says
Left with this guilt feeling & shame
Parting from my beloved, in every ways
Guess it’s all in the game

Now, I thank you dear Lord, For all the blessings I have,
Never miss to do my part, in every turn,
Accept my life & people I serve,
For I know time will not return.


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