Midnight Mass 2012

This year, we sing for Christmas Midnight Mass!

In this page:

1. Hymn list

2. Practice schedule for combined choir

3. Detailed hymn plan

1. Hymn list:

O Come All Ye Faithful 
Kyrie – Mass from Age to Age
Gloria – Mass from Age to Age
Alleluia of the Angels 
Pachelbel’s First Noel 
Angels We Have Heard on High
Sanctus – Mass from Age to Age
Memorial – Mass from Age to Age
The Lord’s prayer – Celtic Mass
Agnus Dei – Mass from Age to Age
Away in A Manger 
Ave Maria (Gregory Norbet)
Silent Night 
Joy To The World (Hallelujah chorus) 
2. Combined Choir Practice Schedule
Practice No. 1
01 Dec, Sat, 7.30pm to 9.30pm – choir room
Music covered:
Alleluia of the Angels 
Pachelbel’s First Noel 
Ave Maria (Gregory Norbet)
Joy To The World (Hallelujah chorus) 
Angels We Have Heard on High
Practice No. 2
08 Dec, Sat, 7.30pm to 9.30pm – choir room
Music covered:
O Come All Ye Faithful 
Silent Night 
Away in A Manger 
Nativity Carol 
Agnus Dei 
The Lord’s prayer
Practice No. 3
16 Dec, Sun, 1.30pm to 3.30pm – main church
[together with Holy Family Feastday mass practice]
  Mass Ordinary/Proper / Hymn Remarks
Processional O Come All Ye Faithful Guys: A capella intro“Venite Adoremus, Dominum!”A triumphant and resounding exclamation Latin VerseVerse 1, 2, 3

Majestic, Triumphant, Grand

Kyrie Age To Age SB: MelodyA: PartsT: “Kyrie Eleison” Echo
Gloria Age To Age Refrain: MelodyVerse 1: STB Melody, A HarmonyRefrain: SATB PartsVerse 2: SATB Parts, A HarmonyRefrain: SATB Parts, DescantsVerse 3: SATB Parts

Refrain + Final: SATB Parts, Descants

Responsorial Psalm Today a Savior’s been born to us, He is Christ the Lord! Verse 1: T PartsRefrain: MelodyVerse 2: T PartsRefrain: SATB PartsVerse 3: ATB PartsRefrain: SATB Parts

Verse 4: ATB Parts

Refrain + Final: SATB Parts

Gospel Acclamation Alleluia of The Angels SATB Parts
Preparation Away in A MangerTraditional Verse 1: SAVerse 2: SATBVerse 3: SATBSweetly, Legato, Flowing
Nativity Carol Verse 1: SARefrain: SATBVerse 2: TBVerse 3: SATBAngelic, Flowing
Sanctus Age To Age S: MelodyATB: Parts
Memorial Acclamation Age To Age SA MelodyTB Parts
Great Amen Recited
Pater Noster Celtic Melody“For the Kingdom..”: SATB + Descants Parts
Agnus Dei Age To Age SAT PartsB “Agnus Dei” Echo
Communion The First Noel / Pachelbel’s Canon SATB Parts
Ave MariaGregory Norbet SATB PartsReverent, Prayerfully
Thanksgiving Silent Night A capellaVerse 1: Melody, Parts from “Round yon Virgin..”Thoughtful, reflective, as door-to-door carolers would sound
Recessional Joy To The World! with O Magnify The Lord Hallelujah Chorus SATB PartsJoyous, Jubilant, Bright, Lively

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Cor Novum: A New Heart


The recital will take place: 23rd October 2016 Venue & Time: Church of the Holy Family, 8:00pm – 9:00pm

Ticket: $15 | payment to be made through:


*Please note, as there are no e-tickets, once you have made your donation/payment through giving.sg, please forward your e-receipt to me (through FB message) or your contact in the fundraising choir so we can note ticketing needs.

This small recital in this Year of Mercy is to help raise funds for Caritas, and to bring together current members, alumni and friends of Genesis II Choir to lend their God-given talent to this cause.

In conjunction with the parish’s 80th Anniversary, this fundraiser is also an opportunity to share beloved sacred choral music, a rich Catholic legacy, alongside modern music with the public, and the message behind the Year of Mercy.

The repertoire ranges from the likes of classics such as Salve Regina and O Magnum Mysterium to contemporary favourites such as Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah and Twila Paris’ The Warrior is a Child.

We would also like to be able to help raise awareness of Caritas as a charitable organisation and what it does: 100% of ticketing proceeds will benefit Caritas Singapore.


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