Archived – Sundays in Ordinary Time – Year A


Sunday 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Date 10/9/11 17/9/11 24/9/11 1/10/11 8/10/11
Theme Our Forgiving Lord The Generous Love of God Christ Obedient Unto Death The Vineyard of the Lord The Lord’s Wedding Feast
Entrance Our God is Here (305) Glory and Praise to our God (553) At the Name of Jesus (749) Canticle of the Sun (415) All are Welcome (407)
Preparation Loving and Forgiving (678) One Love Released (342) The Eyes and Hands of Christ (505) We have been told (516) Shepherd me, O God (482)
Communion Our Blessing Cup (320) Ubi Caritas (426) To be your bread (324) One Bread, One Body (355) Gather your People (318)
Thanksgiving Be Not Afraid (438) Open my Eyes (402) These Alone are Enough (390) O God You Search Me (450) You are Mine (476)
Recessional Let there be peace of earth(495) Though the mountains may fall (447) Rise up with Him (611) All the ends of the earth (567) In the day of the Lord (620)
Sunday 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time Mission Sunday 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time All Saints Day 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Date 15/10/11 22/10/11 29/10/11 31/10/11 05/11/11
Theme The Lord of History For the spread of the Gospel God’s message of eternal life All Saints The Bridegroom is here!
Entrance Gather us in (302) City of God (374) Table of Plenty (310) Ye watchers and ye holy ones (736) Gather the people (304)
Preparation Your words are spirit and life (580) As grains of wheat (328) Blest are they (586) The Lord is my light (697) Because the Lord is my shepherd (481)
Communion On eagle’s wings (442) The Summons (381) Center of my life (531) I am the bread of life (341) To be your bread (324)
Thanksgiving Shelter me, O God (479) Only this I want (508) You alone (677) God we praise you (198) Stand by me (585)
Recessional O bless the Lord (555) Take the Word of God with you (368) Glory in the cross (734) Mine eyes have seen the glory (622) Lord of the dance (604)
Sunday 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Christ the King
Date 12/11/11 19/11/11
Theme Christ, the head of His household Christ, the King
Entrance Christ before us (523) Hail, Redeemer, King Divine (747)
Preparation This bread that we share (360) At the name of Jesus (749)
Communion Lord you have come (519) Worthy is the Lamb (619)
Thanksgiving These alone are enough (390) Only this I want (508)
Recessional Lead me, Lord (587) Crown Him with many crowns (750)

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